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  • Introduction

    Buying a property in Spain can be a complicated matter when you are not familiar with the country's culture, laws and approach to business. PSI Consultants guides and advises local individuals, corporations and clients who have purchased through various estate agents who are buying residential and commercial properties spaces in and around the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Almeria areas.

    The whole process involves complex legal and administrative procedures which can be difficult to understand; not withstanding the language differences. It is practical and essential to be guided by professionals whom have the necessary skills to deal with all aspects of your purchase and to provide you with a sound advice as to the best possible way to deal with such an important investment.

    PSI Consultants will ensure that all aspects are appropriately coordinated and followed through. We make sure that the property is being purchased without any previous charge or liability that could incur additional costs or reduce the property's value.

  • Why Use a Spanish Solicitor

    These days, several people try to do their own legal work by the use of different internet sites, do-it-yourself aides and all other legal documents that may be available. In the end, too many people suffer both financially and emotionally for mistakes incurred.

    A property purchase would need local help and someone who would know the intricacies of the local area and common problems with builders and registries. PSI Solicitors are highly trained and knowledgeable professionals who can guide and assist individuals through the potential pitfalls of the law in Spain. They have the understanding of the complexities and the consequences of the law and can often provide individuals of better options which one may have not considered.

  • What We Do

    • In the course of acting on behalf of a client purchasing a property, we do all the legal and tax work in realizing the completion of a sale: making sure that the documents are in order, that the property is free of liens and encumbrances, paying the appropriate transfer taxes and properly registering the property in the client's name.
    • Legal and tax advice - All legal and tax advice related to the purchase including the solicitor reading the contract or writing a contract of sale.
    • The use of a Power of Attorney – This is a document that allows your solicitor to represent the client at the Notary on the purchase of the property without your presence.
    • The obtainment of an Identification Fiscal Number (NIE) – This is a required fiscal number for all foreigners (European Union Citizens included) who wants to work, purchase a property and even to set up a business. The number is used for many purposes including the paying of taxes.
    • Liaising with the bank of your choice – This is an important part of the conveyancing process. We prepare the payments for the property and for the future set up of the direct debit of the utilities and the local taxes to your account. In addition, we also help in the coordination between your mortgage broker and the bank if there is a Spanish mortgage or direct help in obtaining a loan (If a Spanish mortgage is needed).
    • The scheduling of appointments with the bank and Notary – There are a number of parties and people involved in the finalization and the signing of the title deeds. It is not unusually that in preparation for the completion of a sale, PSI Consultants may need to liaise with the Notary, the buyer, the bank, the mortgage provider, the Seller or the builder and the bank wherein the seller has a mortgage. Therefore, it is then very important that this procedure is carried out appropriately and PSI Consultants will make sure that this is done properly.
    • The filing and payment of all appropriate taxes – the IVA (VAT) on new builds or the tax to be paid on the resale purchases is to be paid upon the completion of your property, shall be then filed and paid by our office.
    • All Notary payments as well as the filing and payment of the Land Registry - once the deeds are released from the Notary, the property shall be finally registered on your local land registry wherever that may be.
    • The transfer of contracts with the suppliers of electric and water, the community of homeowners and the (IBI) tax, whether it is the creation of a new contract or just the transfer of ownership.


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