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If you have financial assets or have purchased a property in Spain, it would be advisable to have a local Spanish Will in order to avoid complicated translations, further certifications and procedures for your family after your death.

The creation of a last will & testament will help avoid time-consuming and legal problems for your heirs, determines the distribution of your assets as desired, and gives you and your family security and peace of mind. A few days notice is enough for PSI Consultants to organize the writing and attendance of the signing of a Spanish Will before a Public Notary.


Litigation involves bringing or defending a claim in court and litigation becomes necessary if the other party is not in compliance with a contract and/or you are not in agreement on how the other party is resolving a dispute. Whether you are a resident in Spain or not and if you have a serious problem or dispute, you can be sure that PSI Consultants will guide you through your situation and we cover a wide range of services in this department.

The litigation department of PSI Consultants is handled by various associate lawyers and PSI Consultants specializes in Spanish litigation in all areas of Spanish civil, commercial law and family law. We aim to provide our English speaking clients with a high level of quality and service by providing our clients with clearly explained Spanish legal advice in English and with updates on the progress of their Spanish Court proceedings. Normally, we try first with negotiation and mediation but if this is not successful then we would need to file a case in court. We accept most civil cases but the acceptance of clients is on a case to case basis depending on the merits of the case and the feasibility and chances of winning as compared to the costs and stresses of filing the case.

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